Neurofeedback for Anger

Anger can take many forms

Raising the voice, yelling, road rage, aggression, breaking things, tantrums, impatient waiting, and vengeance. Any of these are uncomfortable for those giving or receiving the outburst.

Anger is dangerous. It can burn up relationships, get you kicked out or fired. People who have car accidents or have trouble with the police often have anger problems.

Feeling angry is not fun. And running too hot takes a toll.

Biofeedback shows your whole nervous system how to relax. Relax deeply. You learn to re-wire your brain so that you process information and consider responses instead jumping to anger. With this space, you get a greater range of emotional choices on how to respond.

Anger often responds quickly to EEG biofeedback. You should notice an effect within a few sessions. The feeling of being calmer all the time will build and last.

My clients tell me they get less angry.  Their anger occurs less often, goes away more quickly or becomes more manageable.

They are surprised that they can just let go of things that would have irritated them before.

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