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Are you looking to join a great team who is passionate about the work they do? Are you looking to join a team with diverse training that together has the skills to offer clients of any age and difficulty? Are you looking to join a practice that consistently rates work-life balance number one? Are you looking to be part of an environment where you and your colleagues love to come to work each day, and you feel valued? Are you looking to put your specific skills to work with a population that you want to work with? Are you looking to work with clients where real change occurs as a result of your help?

Reach out to Dr. Friend and let her know your interest! We are currently looking to hire full time and part time licensed professionals for all locations. Make your own schedule! Do what you love, and leave the rest to us!

Send a letter of interest, along with your CV or resume to [email protected] and she will contact you to discuss the details of the position you are seeking.

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